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Drone Videography & Photography Services to include Thermal Imaging & Radiometric Thermography in Corpus Christi

Wyatt Aerial Productions is a full-service drone photography and videography company located in Corpus Christi.  We specialize in innovative and professional aerial videography & photography solutions. We are certificated by ITC, the leader in Infrared Training,  providing Thermal Imaging & Radiometric Thermography to commercial and residential owners.  Wyatt Aerial Productions has redefined the way people view their world with its specialized drone technology, which captures images that can’t be obtained any other way.  Our drones are fully equipped with high resolution cameras, and our Thermal drones are equipped with FLIR cameras which is the leader in thermal imaging. We are fully insured to fly anywhere in the USA.

Whether you need, help attracting potential buyers for a residential or commercial property or assistance in identifying problem areas on your latest construction project – we have the equipment and training to deliver only the highest resolution drone footage.  We provide services to a diverse cliental  by providing each  with a unique perspective and a birds eye view of your project.

Why Hire a Professional Drone Operator

Hiring a professional licensed drone pilot means you get access to the latest technology, as well as exceptional service and support. A professional will work within your budget and needs, and will understand the industry’s best practices for capturing aerial footage in a safe and productive manner.


Post Production

The best part about Drone Aerial Services is the new perspective! “It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realize how Incredible
the Earth really is.”


4k video

What is 4K? Well, I’ll tell you what it isn’t 4K is not standard definition, not high definition, and not even twice the resolution of HD! 4K is 4 times HD!



Here at Wyatt Aerial Productions, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet your needs. If you have a specific idea for a new project, video, picture, etc., we’ll help you capture it!

We Provide Aerial-Ground Photography & Videography Services For

Private Individuals, Companies, City Agencies & Industrial Corporations

Our aerial photography and videography services located in Corpus Christi, combine technology, experience and passion, which is conveyed in all of our finished work. – From a simple to an intricate shoot, from a small budget to a full scale commercial budget, we will translate your idea into a professional, impactful, shareable digital medium for high end marketing and presentations.

Drone Operating Areas

We currently operate in the Corpus Christi Area.  Projects  requiring services to be provided outside of a 30 mile radius may require travel expenses. Please contact us for more details.

Drone Blog of Corpus Christi

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